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Forms and Applications

Type 13 Waste Management Application Effective 1/1/16

May 2019 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day Flyer

May 2019 Computer and Electronics Recycling Day Flyer

2018 Approved Budget

2017 Approved Budget

2016 Combined Budget

2015 Combined ECUA Budget

2014 Solid Waste Budget

2014 Water System Budget 2013 ECUA Water System Budget

2013 Solid Waste Budget

2013 Water System Budget 2013 ECUA Water System Budget

2012 Solid Waste Budget

2012 Water System Budget 2013 ECUA Water System Budget

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2013 Audit

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2011 Audit

List of consultants and vendors paid over the bid limit of $17,500

Solid Waste Facility Inclusion Application ; Word version

New Hauler Account Instructions

Hauler Account Application form ; Word version

Hauler Account Application form - Additional Vehicles ; Word version

Tonnage Tracker

Tonnage Tracker is a convenient free tool that Municipal Recycling Coordinators may use on an ongoing basis to maintain generator and market inventories; enter, sort, and track tonnage slips from vendors; convert materials into reportable quantities (leaves, commingled, etc.); identify non-compliant generators; print labels and letters to generators and markets; generate tonnage reports for submittal to NJDEP and ECUA; etc.

Click below to download the beta-version of Tonnage Tracker and a detailed User Manual. Microsoft Access is required to run Tonnage Tracker, and Adobe Acrobat is required to view the User Manual. The Tonnage Tracker file has been built and tested in Microsoft Access version 2003. For those non-Windows based operating systems users please contact for alternate Tonnage Tracker usage instruction.

[Download - Beta Version of Tonnage Tracker]
[Download - User Manual]

Last revision - 5/12/2009

Please note, this Tonnage Tracker file was scanned for viruses prior to upload onto this server. The Essex County Utilities Authority shall not be responsible for any viruses, worms or other malware on client workstations or servers. Download, scan and use this file at your own discretion.

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